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With years of experience and experience, professional Pulse Induction has an important position on metal detectors. Goldstar X, Goldstar X-Pro and Goldstar GT16 series continues to develop.
Pulse indiction system; provides the advantage of more deep detection of metals. However, the circuit structure of the Pulse system must be professional. The performance of a Pulse device is determined by steady operation in difficult earth conditions before it is deep. Many Pulse detectors are made around the world, but not enough stability is achieved.
The GT16 circuitry is equipped with microprocessors. The studies have been tested in normal soil, mineral soil, old soil, and measures and filters have been added accordingly. With the frequency settings, the interference effects are eliminated to the extent possible. Satisfactory has been made absolutely ideal.
It is tested in the context of professional users and is made to R & D up to fine details. While small search coils are designed to detect small shallow objects, large search coils are built to find large, deeply embedded objects. The program has been developed to work in mineral soil conditions. GR Coil balancing system is applied in small coils. This system is the floor balancing system. Whatever the soil structure, balance and depth loss will not be in the soil. He removes the soil mineral from the middle. Easy to use.
Goldstar; all metals such as big treasures, rendezvouses, group money, underground metal pipes, sculptures, lost items, coins etc. is one of the distinguished devices found.
The metal is classified according to the conductivity value. It gives value in the range of 00.99 according to the size and weight of the metals.
Its use is easy for everyone with its factory settings. Settings and menu changes for professional users can be made. A new user can start landing just by pressing a button and start searching immediately. In the user manual, it is written in detail in the old settlements, rocky areas, what kind of setting is needed for single coins and collective burials.
Our customers will be able to see everything clearly by training our devices in the natural environment and they will not be fooled. We are especially careful not to encounter a situation different from the discourse on the devices our customers receive. Gold Detector; professional natural education field with detailed and free training to give customers all the effort to reach the success shows.
Service and product after-sales support ensures that our customers are happy and lasting.

Are the products guaranteed ?
Our Products have 24 Month Warranty Period.
Can I Get Telephone Help?
You can always contact us if you have any questions. ([email protected]) Whatsapp : +90 535 689 63 79